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How to double your audience through blogger outreach

How to double your audience through blogger outreach

What is blogger outreach?

It will gets you closer to other publishers, bloggers and website owners who will spread your concepts across their audiences. They may share your blog on their social platforms, make inroads of your articles in the form of a guest post, or simply they can set up a link to one of your relevant articles and so on. Blogger outreach can be equated with paid advertising as it is another marketing channel. However, there lies a significant distinction between these two. Get going with the article to know more.

Who can benefit from it?

It does not have a setup like that of AGoogle Adwords instead bloggers themselves do the job. As a blogger, you can immensely advance your business leveraging the audience of the other bloggers. You have to cooperate with those bloggers in order to promote your ideas.

Why is blogger outreach important?

Over time, bloggers intimately connect with their audience and in turn, the audience looks up to them for recommendations. An outstandingly engaged audience might prefer trusting the bloggers despite having access to other marketing methods. So, the system has a singular business goal of creating an audience who considers you as a credible source.

Blogger Outreach Growth

Your campaign has to have visible goals with benefits such as generating new leads, receiving more traffic and earning better revenue. In this respect, blogger outreach is meant for a win-win partnership between you and your audience if you can accomplish it in the correct way. Many a times blogger outreach these days fails to so and that is why I have come up with this guideline on how to do blogger outreach in a smart way.

What are the problems associated with blogger outreach?

There are several issues affecting the outcome of your blogger outreach and you have to know those concerning points along with corresponding remedies.

Fact 1: Blogger outreach emails should be personalized. Most of the time, these emails fail to touch the heart of the recipient as they are not personalized. At best, these outreach emails contain the website name, the name of the blogger and the title of a specific article.

Fact 2: The more you reach out, the more you get accomplished is not particularly true in case of blogger outreach.This campaign expect effective results with a huge number of emails as it means little in terms of positive outcome. You have to establish firm relationships involving mutual benefits as well as respect. You will eventually be acquainted with the core players of the niche and they might give you access to the other relevant persons.

Fact 3: You need to create a highly positive impression with your very first email. In this regard, you can establish contact with a blogger offering a set of valuable opportunities or pointing out some of his outrageous mistakes in a technical way. Your useful advice will give way to his heart. Asking for social sharing or guest posting does not give him a positive signal at the very outset.

How can you accomplish positive blogger outreach?

You may have useful impacts by applying a few techniques:

  • Keep sharing their posts on social media platforms tagging them
  • Link their blog on your article
  • Put thought provoking ideas on their blogs before reaching out
  • Single out the broken links or spelling mistakes on their website
  • Make a PDF eBook of their articles for their use
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