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Good Store Names for Shopify in 2022

Good Store Names for Shopify

Let’s reveal a pro secret — the ideal domain name stands between five to eight characters.

The best brand names influence your Shopify store like nothing else. Good store names for Shopify send a good vibe to your potential customers.

— Statistics show that people initiate more than 250k websites per day. So, the number stands at a staggering 10k+ websites launched each hour. Your domain name virtually defines your business standpoint for thousands of target customers. It gives them a clear message.

What does a top domain name do for Shopify SEO?

First, your customers actively search for the name. The domain name remains ever fresh in their memory. Thus, your Shopify store yields outstanding clicks and traffic. Ultimately, your website scores high on the SERP ranking.

How to forge a catchy business name?

We have outlined several Shopify naming strategies down here.

  1. Innumerable words could represent your business and industry, some of them real and some made up. Mix them up and put them in different orders. Definitely, you will come up with fresh ideas. Look at these established brand names working just fine.

Dunkin’ Donuts 

Krazy Glue 

Sizzler Steakhouse 

Krispy Kreme

  1. Acronyms are great for elaborate names put in a concise format. Review these great company names.








  1. Historical figures, literature, and mythology could be fine sources for you. 

For example –

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

Starbucks, inspired by the classic tale, “Moby-Dick,” evoking the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders.

Volvo, means “I roll” in Latin, conjugated from “volvere”.

  1. Foreign words often save the day. 

For instance –

Audi, based on a Latin translation of the surname of the founder August Horch, itself the German word for “listen!”

  1. You may use your name for your domain name. It works if your name already has a brand value.

For example –

Oprah Winfrey can certainly put her out there to gain popularity right off the bat.

  1. Also, you can settle down for a unique or original name.

What does the Shopify store name mean?

In brief, the domain is the online address that locates your Shopify store in the web world. For instance, we are Shopify Coder, and our domain name is There goes a rule of thumb. 

You must maintain an identical domain name against the name of your online business. If not possible, consider a name that resembles the shop’s name or feels closer to it.

How to pick the right shop name?

Insightful businessmen go to great lengths to locate the perfect online shop name. For the top eCommerce ventures, it is beyond vital in terms of brand image and search engine outcomes. So, how to find good store names for Shopify?

Memorable shop name

Memorable Shopify store names

Off the top of our heads, longer Shopify store names are boring. They are challenging to recollect, type, and talk about. The complicated shop name loses track of the crisp message wrapped around your store and products.

Impressive company names harvest great attention from the target demographic. You get a simple domain name along with a quick message to the clients.

Simple & succinct brand name

Strictly, the Shopify naming tactics have a general principle. Keep it short and simple.

The domain name must not go beyond two words. Concise names last longer and are easy to identify. Brief names are suitable for printing on brochures, business cards, pamphlets, and ads.

Striking URLs effortlessly sneak into the core audience’s minds. Hence, your brand can establish warmer and stronger relationships with clients and prospects.

Mobile typing is crucial

On the Shopify platform, mobile traffic claims 79% of all traffic and 69% of total orders.

So, all Shopify shop owners put their best effort into charming mobile users.

Well, one way is to select a small company name. A tediously long domain name kills the deal in an instant. Your primary customers make mistakes in typing and easily get bored.

— For example, take into account the mobile screen size and fingertip interactions as they type the URL. Undoubtedly, the teeny-tiny web browser gives them a hard time while typing.

In the worst-case scenario, a wrong URL could land your potential customer to your competitor. Thus, your website traffic could thin out at the end of the day. But your competitors yield unearned benefits off your sweat and tears.

Distinct brand identity

The rise of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence has both pros and cons. Search engines often take your shop name for another URL. Similar-sounding domains could make a windfall without putting in any real work.

An ocean of identical keywords could distract the search engine AI. Your domain name might fade into the background, despite being rich in keywords. Thereby, a simple brand name bolsters robust brand identity and market value.

Explore other TLDs

.com domain names are gradually running out of the choicest options. So, you can tap into other top-level domains. Some other popular TLDs include ‘.org’, ‘.uk’, ‘.net’, and ‘.edu’.

— However, all internet users recognize .com TLDs. This is why it has been established as the benchmark.

Anyway, experts notice a shortage in the supply of ‘.com’ domains. Noticeably, some of the newer TLDs continue to pick up steam. They predict a major shift in favor of alternative TLDs. large corporations like Twitter and Apple have already started the trend with ‘’ and ‘’.

In-depth keyword analysis

Your products, services, or industry could show you a perfect lead to a good company name. Initially, these elements push you to AI-driven research and keyword-based shop names.

Besides, Shopify owners delve into the queries and search patterns of your target customers. Also, review the relevant words that are tightly knit around your goods.

What is the perfect domain name size?

Like a knife through butter, short domain names cut the deal. Simple, memorable, and spellable domains outright give you an edge.

Alexa surveyed 250 websites and the average domain name characters turned out 7-15 with the majority domains at 8 or below. Also, the most common ones used 2 words within 7 characters. Seldom did they use any punctuation marks or numbers.

How to locate small Shopify domains?

You can find a short company name by doing some research. Be willing to put in the time and effort it requires.

  • Use simple words for easy spelling, pronunciation, and memorability. Besides, keywords are crucial. You should try them to push the domain name up the competition.
  • Throw your brand goals and images in the mix.
  • Give your audience a clear idea about your products.
  • Dodge those repetitive letters, numbers, signs, and punctuation marks.
  • Tap into your product line and services with a keen eye for the industry as a whole.
  • Make the best use of geographic elements and locations. Local SEO performs the best when you wisely use the combination of geography and services. For example, will fast climb up the top ranks.
  • Consider your long-term goals alongside the short-term ones.
  • Select from the well-known TLDs like .com, .org, and .net. However, .com domain names perform the best.
  • Anyway, select an untrademarked name. Do not bet on a domain name that has already been trademarked by someone else. So, register the name if you find it officially unused till now.

What does a catchy business name do?

Attractive company names soon get traction among your core audience. They earn popularity because of their memorability. Other brands fail to keep up with your business as customers tend to recollect your brand name


A short, sweet, and catchy brand name boosts your eCommerce business straight away. The benefit of a good company lies in customers remembering it. Therefore, you have a better shot at pitching your products in an unforgettable way. It is a recipe for durable Shopify success.

The best domain name makes it brandable and memorable. Both short and long domain names can get you through the roof.

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