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How to add a newsletter pop up on Shopify store in 2022

How to add a newsletter pop up on Shopify store

Online businesses seek insights on how to add a newsletter popup on Shopify. It offers multiple advantages. You get email subscribers to conduct direct email marketing. Besides, you can occasionally pull strings for increased sales volume by sending discount codes to them.

Newsletter popups are a popular feature for online businesses.

The newsletter-driven email addresses kick off tremendous marketing power. Then, you can unleash the best Shopify apps for product promotions to those emails. 

Shopify apps harness customer data against a third-party email marketing service. Once you select an app, sending newsletters to your core demography is a breeze.

What is a newsletter popup?

The absolute goal of a popup is to increase email subscribers of your brand.

As your visitors land on a webpage, a small window appears on the screen. The popped-up window delivers an interactive message for the audience to type their emails on it. So, they can claim additional services and offers from your website.

Marketers tap into newsletters to boost advertising and lead generation.

Popups emerge on a webpage while visitors browse through. They usually darken the background. 

Typically, a newsletter popup renders all other page elements unresponsive until you deal with it. As it surfaces, viewers are bound to concentrate on it.

Why are newsletter popups crucial for Shopify stores?

How to add a newsletter popup on Shopify includes its implications as well.

Email marketing is the fastest and cheapest route to reach new customers. It helps you retain your existing clients too.

So, 54% of marketers emphasize an email approach over any other digital marketing method. Besides, 58% of the companies intend on multiplying email marketing funds.

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But there is a small group of 7.5% that seek to reduce their expenses on this front.

  1. Potential clients

Insightful Shopify owners classify their target audience based on age, location, gender, preferences, etc. Segmenting works wonders with tailored emails. Hence, your core demography receives precisely the type of information and promotions they need.

  1. Brand awareness

The more your word spreads, the better your brand value. Here, your consistency is the key. Send them decisive emails regularly. 

But the distribution of content requires good tactics. Nonstop newsletters adversely impact a campaign.

They must expect a message from you rather than an out-of-the-blue disclosure. This way, the target group values your information and does not consider you a con artist. After you build trust, they gradually show curiosity.

  1. Cost-effective marketing

Emails are the cheapest marketing strategy out there. You can thriftily promote your business and website. 

Moreover, a great message and graphic design reduce ad costs, media expenses, and printing fees.

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  1. Great campaign analytics

Watch your metrics on a real-time basis. Thereby, you can bring instant changes in marketing tactics according to customer behavior.

Shopify apps give you precise numbers on email delivery, open, subscriber retention, click-to-delivery, etc. These datasets show customer interests for possible campaign optimizations.

  1. Social sharing by customers

Email marketing draws the customer’s attention with brilliant content, discounts, news, and more. If the message thrills him, he clicks the forward and share button. Those share buttons push your marketing effort.

  1. Playground for new concepts

You need not put new content or ideas straight up on the website. Instead, you can test the waters by sending them via newsletters. 

Thus, customer appetite becomes apparent to a Shopify owner. If newsletter subscribers are starving for more content, the go-ahead signal becomes more potent for you.

How to install a Shopify newsletter popup?

A newsletter signup section is an integral part of all free Shopify themes. If you find it missing, grab a Shopify email marketing app to access its services.

The newsletter signup method

  • Enter your Shopify admin → Open Online Store → Click Themes.
  • Select a suitable theme → Click Customize  → Press Add Section.
  • Click Newsletter  → Click Add.
  • Put a heading on the newsletter popup. “Subscribe to our newsletter” is the most popular popup title.
  • Describe the offer for the customers in the subheading.
  • Press Save.

How to launch a Shopify email marketing campaign?

Launching a Shopify email marketing campaign is easy-peasy.

Launch the Shopify email marketing campaign

  • Collect your newsletter subscriber and customer emails.
  • Store the email addresses on the Email Subscribers tab on the Customers page in the admin.
  • Now, install the top Shopify email marketing app.
  • Sync the app with your customer’s email addresses. For this, stick to the app guidelines.
  • Finally, create and send newsletters to your customers via the marketing app.

What are the pros of a newsletter popup?

The average ROI through email marketing is $36 against each dollar spent.

Shopify owners resort to email marketing for the massive return on investment. Besides, increased visibility and warm customer connection push your business towards the goals.

Anyway, intrusive popups and poorly crafted ones wear out your target audience.

However, multiple reasons demand your immediate attention to email marketing.

  • Quality lead generation: Scarcely do visitors scroll down to the bottom of the webpage. Hence, the old signup form at the footer manages no impression at all. 

Popups solve this issue by claiming the viewers’ attention. They show up in the middle of the page. So, this overpowering approach leaves no chance to avoid it.

Therefore, all your organic leads come from the core demography of your industry.

  • Tailored content to potential market: The intended users purchase products and take services from someone. Why are they not coming to you? Because you could not knock at the right door.

Pro Shopify tips — Special offers and promotions to the core population skyrocket signups and sales.

Suddenly, conversion rates go through the roof as your newsletter signups multiply. For instance, you may personalize the newsletter popups for users from various regions.

  • Popups reflect brand image: Newsletters popups enhance your brand image. Unique designs, images, colors, and buttons send a positive vibe to your visitors. Here, show your creativity to the world by being yourself.

Thus, a Shopify shop can showcase special days and occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc. The welcoming words on popups could massively support your message.

Gone are the days of annoying scamming popups. There is no tricking your website audience anymore. SSL certificate has put an end to those troublesome issues. Now, only your popups appear before the visitors. Your innovative newsletter approach gives them a great reason to hop on board.


You have gained an in-depth concept of how to set up a newsletter popup on Shopify. Truthfully, the gradual collection of email addresses takes time. So, email marketing requires patience.

Anyway, let’s install customized newsletter popups. Use your ingenuity for maximum customer response. Something rewarding from your target audience is waiting right around the corner.

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