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How to Add Shopify Products on Facebook

How to Add Shopify Products on Facebook

Statista says that 91% of US businesses use social media marketing. In the eCommerce industry, around 90% of ventures do the same. So, how to add Shopify products on Facebook?

Also, social media improves the advertisement experience of their users. They virtually promote a healthy relationship between customers and eCommerce stores. 

— Nowadays, social platforms go beyond eCommerce deals, offers, and product launches. The eStores can make direct sales by tapping into an exciting social community.

Facebook requirements for Shopify products

A Shopify product must fulfill several criteria to qualify Facebook. Let’s check them out.

  • The product must be available on Facebook.
  • Digital products cannot be shipped, and hence, those are unqualified.
  • A return policy is mandatory.
  • Below-100 character product titles. Avoid all caps.
  • A product description.
  • A product image.
  • Personalized to Facebook’s Commerce Policy and compatible with Facebook’s Community Standards. 
  • It cannot be free.

How to publish Shopify products on the FB page?

Once you set up the Facebook channel, your Shopify products sync with Facebook. Typically, those products show up on the Product page based on your choice. In addition, FB bulk editor helps you collectively import products.

As your products start displaying on the FB channel, they use all the FB features you picked. You can select multiple features for the product catalog. For instance, the exact product shows up on Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping if you link up Facebook Shop with Instagram Shopping.

However, Shopify collections do not sync to Facebook. Anyway, use your available products in your Facebook Commerce Manager to create collections for Facebook.

How to add Shopify products on Facebook channel?

Now, you can see the products on your Facebook channel. 

Simply click Shopify adminFacebookOverviewView Products.

  • If your store has no product, click Add Product to stack up the lot. Let’s move to a different scenario. If you already have products in the store but not on Facebook Shop, click Make Products Available to bring out the Product page in Shopify admin.
  • Click the product name to display it on the Facebook channel.
  • Open the Product Details page → click the Product Availability section → click Manage.
  • Scroll down to the Manage Sales Channel Availability dialog → check Facebook → click Done.
  • Lastly, Save this command.

How to merge your Shopify store to Meta?

Meta delivers superior statistics on your users and their interactions. This data helps you understand your business and formulate a better course of action. So, you can reach out to the optimum target audience and spread your Facebook ads to the core population. 

All you do is share new events, promotions, and deals based on customer behavior. Thus, your eCommerce business drives massive output.

Small preparation

First, you need a Meta Ad account and a Meta Business Manager. You must own both the Meta Business Manager and the Facebook page to hook them up against the Facebook channel in Shopify.

Therefore, how to connect your Shopify store to Meta?

  • Log in to your Shopify accountinstall the Facebook channel to link Meta to Shopify.
  • The Facebook channel activates once you set up Instagram Shopping or Facebook Shop or Facebook Marketing on Shopify. Shopify can access your FB page, Business Manager, and Meta Ad account this time around.
  • Add meta Pixel on Shopify admin.
  • Immediately, reliable data sharing starts from enabled Conversion API. Go to Data Sharing Settings → select Enhanced or Maximum → send data through Conversions API.

At last, you have connected your Shopify store to Meta. So, unleash new ads to entice new customers to your online store.

Advantages of integrating Shopify with Facebook

Virtual shops can boost sales by up to 32% via social media more than traditional online stores.

The Shopify-Facebook consolidation brings you several benefits. For instance, social visitors can purchase from your FB page’s “Shop” section. The Shop feature accelerates your product sales like nothing else before. 

Still, you have other powerful motives to do it.

Create brand awareness:

Your business strength relies on the power of your word. All online businesses are actively spreading their words. Social media is a proven tool for it.

Hook up your audience, promote your products, and deliver stunning visuals to convey your business story. Now, exhaust all social media trends. This strategy strengthens audience engagement with an enthusiastic target population. Thereby, you get an electrifying fan base.

Finally, Shopify Coder links your store to the top social channels. Thus, an eCommerce store commands trust from social users.

Build up a hot connection:

Insightful eCommerce businesses find potential customers via social media. It is an easy job!

Besides, the social pages can acquire first-hand inquiries. They can directly let out their grievances as well. So, you can move fast to address their complaints. 

Instant responses and real-time solutions massively improve your brand image. Highly active customer service brings you remarkable online business opportunities.

— Probably, the majority of your target audience reviews the service records of your shop before buying an article.

Stronger traffic flow:

Display your craziest products and deals on Facebook. Many social marketers use these tactics across all platforms. Then, visitors can instantly explore your store via the product links.

Hence, fans and followers on social pages become your passionate shoppers. Increased traffic speaks to enhanced conversions on the social arena.

In time, social users learn to trust your Facebook feeds, and they jump to grab your deals.

Mobile-friendly social outlets:

Insanely, 500+ million FB users browse via mobile devices. Therefore, Facebook Shop caters to the requirements of mobile users. Consequently, your FB page drives more prospects ever to the eCommerce store.

Tailored shopping experience:

Nowadays, customers are all for personalized shopping privilege. You can respond to their earnest demands through messenger chat. Any Shopify store can claim this support on a Facebook page.

Finally, clients knock you in a private channel, buy the products, and talk about its pros & cons in the future.

Therefore, you can monitor their real-time orders.

Promotions & discounts:

A streamlined webshop on Shopify to Facebook facilitates greater audience engagement. Your discounts and promos on Facebook spur the traffic. 

Also, all the controlling operations are doable via mobile devices.


Highly integrated social media revamps your online business. So, the combined effect of traditional and futuristic marketing methods positively impacts revenues. It goes way beyond a source of traffic. Instead, you get insights into the latest customer behavior and their preferences. Also, your store can circulate ads to the core group in just minutes.

— Shopify stores deserve a streamlined impact on Facebook. Hence, you can land effective engagement across multiple social media communities. Shopify brand rejoices at social media push in the right direction.

Besides, seasoned Shopify Coder experts guide you on how to connect Shopify to Facebook. Ultimately, you can bag incredible sales volume.

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