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How to Customize the Shopify checkout page

Shopify checkout facilitates the acceptance of orders and payments from online sales. Before placing the order, customers land on your checkout page. Here, they enter their payment details and shipping information. An attractive page design has immense value. So, you need sound knowledge on how to customize Shopify checkout pages.

What is the Shopify checkout page?

The checkout page summarizes the order. Also, it asks for payment details. The particulars of the purchase show up before the customers. Therefore, they can go for a quick review. On this page, customers place the order once everything is okay. However, they can still cancel or edit the order if something is wrong or missing.

Subsequently, shoppers select the payment method to make the purchase.

Hence, the Shopify checkout page is crucial for conversion. With that view, Shopify Coder experts have developed a guide on how to personalize Shopify checkout pages. 

Why should you customize the Shopify checkout page?

The theme editor allows you to edit the checkout page. This tool helps alter the colors, select a trendy font, and display your company logo. Thus, the checkout page corresponds to the core business message and model.

You can unleash innumerable colors and designs on the page. 

A professional Shopify tip — simple checkouts grab the hearts of your audience.

The downsides of complex designs and dazzling colors make one reconsider. These deflecting elements could easily distract them from entering the shipping and payment details.

You want them to pay proper attention to the checkout boxes. Hard-to-read information negatively influences their purchasing decision. So, the texts and particulars on this page are vital. Those should be readable. 

Seasoned Shopify specialists claim that high contrast colors and images can do wonders in this regard. The design components must not take away their focus from the words.

A bad experience at this very last moment could water down your sales prospects. Now, numerous Shopify businesses are struggling with a dull checkout page. You need to fine-tune it.

How to customize Shopify checkout page?

The built-in Shopify checkout page drives conversion. But evidently, it puts forward an elementary outlook. Therefore, a brilliant checkout page requires a thoughtful approach. Top Shopify owners tailor it to draw impressions. Thus, they streamline the sales funnel.

Here, we introduce the most valuable tips to customize Shopify checkout page. The basic design remains the same. However, some tricky ways can bring significant changes to the page outlook.

Let’s discover how to personalize the Shopify checkout page —

Shopify settings

  • Enter Shopify Dashboard → Go to Settings → click Checkout
  • Go to the Style option
  • Open Customize Checkout to initiate Theme Editor

Theme Editor reveals all control features on the Shopify Checkout settings. Now, you can bring changes to whatever you need.

Banner image

Branding starts from the banner image. So, this custom image portrays the inner strength of your brand. An expert hack — Shopify prefers a 1000X400 pixel image.


A fresh and impressive logo resonates with your business objectives. Therefore, this is a fundamental brand element. You may consider it for the checkout page.

Instead of a logo, smart shop owners even put a slogan or tagline on this section.

Logo size

You can determine the logo proportions from this panel. You could keep it small or large as you prefer. However, you can test out the logo performance in real-time. Use another pair of expert eyes for a different opinion in this respect.

Background image for the content section

Generate the main content area on the left. Now, integrate the image into the backdrop. If the background image looks and feels good, use it.

However, the image repeats itself both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, you can select the tiled option as it suits your site better.

Background color for the content section

For instance, the page might have no background image right now. What could I use instead? Yes, the background color gives excellent contrast as well. Pick a suitable color to colorize your checkout page.

Form fields

Transparent and white are two types of form fields. You can select either of them.

Background image for the order summary area

The order summary column of your store allows the background image. Again, a simple photo does a world of good to your shop.

Background color for the order summary area

If there is no background image, implement a background color as a substitute.


You can pick an appropriate font from a small collection of typography. Whatever you select, it copies across all headings and bodies in the checkout.

Accent color

Accent color overlays on the links, highlights, and checkmarks. Typically, brand awareness reflects here. You must consider background image and color contrast apart from the brand identity.

Button color

Button color represents several buttons, including discounts, gift cards, and next steps. Bold and high-contrast colors bring these buttons into the limelight. So, your customers can effortlessly notice the gift, discount, and promotional offers.

Error color

Error color points out invalid fields and warnings to the customer. In general, red symbolizes a wrong choice or wrong input by the website visitor. 

However, a darker background could diminish the visibility of red flags or warnings. Thus, it compromises the goal of getting the customer’s attention.

Code the checkout file

The checkout.liquid and checkout.scss.liquid assets are available for Shopify Plus merchants. You can edit them as needed.

How to edit the checkout file on the Shopify store?

  • Open the Shopify admin dashboard → Open Online Store  → Theme
  • Click Edit Code
  • Choose checkout.liquid file (or checkout.scss.liquid file for style)
  • The Preview option lets you evaluate the changes
  • Save to finish the process.


The Shopify checkout page speaks to your business success. It is critical for conversion and sales volume. Shopify Coder reveals the best tips on how to customize Shopify checkout page. Our comprehensive techniques boost your sales.

As a top-level Shopify seller, you must adjust and readjust these checkout tricks depending on your business type and requirements.

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