Shopify Theme Customization
Project Name: Shopify Theme Customization

Work Outline

Project Detail

Have you heard about the Shopify launching of online store 2.0 till now? We have just finished our first Shopify online store 2.0, a new version of Shopify ecommerce project “Anan”. It comes with a whole new features and custom views staged on a completely new theme Dawn. Dawn is the new default theme with what Shopify team has replaced the previous one.

With Shopify 2.0 template format, developers and Shopify merchants can design and develop their stores in a more customized fashion in a more convenient way. We will know a bit more about online store 2.0 while discussing project “Anan” from here on.  

Anan, a family of nutrition experts highly passionate about health, invented a vitamin gummy after years of research, development, tasting and planning. Finally they were ready to make their research work available for children and families worldwide aiming to prevent malnutrition.

Since Anan is a single product store, it has a slim look with similar functionalities that a conventional online store should have.


Header and Footer:

Anan’s home page is pretty simple with no slider functionalities in the header section but an “order now” button in the header image and another one  in the Menu bar so that customers can order directly and forwarded to the product page instantly.

No mega menu in there, because we already know Anan is selling only one product. And if necessary, we can add a mega menu anytime later. 

There is a topbar over the Menu where store visitors can notice the latest news or discount offers or any kind of special facilities immediately and decide to order afterwards.

In the footer there is a short description of the company which looks like a nice fit in there along with an email sending option that can be used as an alternative to contact page.

And in the last part of the footer, Anan team has made an official declaration. And beside there are social media links placed in the footer.

We have used tabs to describe the benefits of the Gummy with a succinct description and a slider for showing client testimony in the Homepage.


Shopify Online Store 2.0 Featured:

Upgraded Theme Structure with Sections on Every Page:

Have a look at the product page, which is renamed as Order Now page here in this webstore. We have imported the testimonial section in the product page from the homepage of Anan’s using the Global Section feature, so that customers can feel safe after seeing the comments of already customers and purchase with full satisfaction.

Previously Sections were allowed only in the Homepage but now it can be used in any inner page of the store that made it super easy for the merchants to customize the pages exactly as they want without modifying the background theme code.

And right below the Testimonials we have put Bundle offers that will push the customers to purchase more and save their money. And all these have been possible for the Section feature.

And one more thing to notice in Anan’s store of the implementation of Shopify store 2.0 is the use of the Order Now button in almost every page. If we ignore the redundant use of the button, it also can persuade the visitors to convert.  


Flexible Store Contents with Improved Metafield options:

With the common features including the short product description there are accordions or info tabs to show additional information that customers might find helpful just before the final go with the checkout. Plus there is another section with FAQ’s to answer all the questions a customer has. Which has been possible for the improved metafield feature.

Shopify team has substantially updated the theme editor to allow merchants to add metafields and properties without the use of APIs or code. That means we can now add exactly the content we want to put in the product page, like introducing a space for customers to include a size chart or ingredient list. Anything that was impossible to appear in the core store editor can now be included via Metafields.


Theme App Extensions:

Instafeed, the official Instagram app on Shopify Store:

Instagram has proved itself to be the next best place for shopping. So you mustn’t want to miss the chances to utilize the power of Instagram shopping features. With an Instagram professional account you can increase your sales and conversion substantially. 

Instafeed is an official Instagram app that displays shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify store. Instagram feeds can be displayed on Home page, product page and even in a blog post. In fact, with the help of the section feature of Shopify, it can be placed anywhere in any page.

The app is available from many reputed third parties who made stunning galleries using its customizability to display the feed content in different modes like grid, collage or even in a slideshow gallery.

With Instafeed, a fully customizable Shopify app, your online store can add value in several ways.


Create social proof

Showing your Instagram content on your Shopify store will create a positive vibe to the store visitors that surely will increase your products credibility to them. Display your best-performing Instagram feeds as social proof which will impress your store visitors at first sight and  inspire them to convert into customers.


Expand Instagram Reach

Be active on Instagram, it will provide fresh content to your store automatically, which will expand your Instagram reach and grow followers fast and easy. Ultimately it will have a great impact on your business growth.

Anan’s are actively working to grow their followers on Instagram and they wanted to make their products available for them. We have set up an Instagram feed on Anan’s home page which will definitely increase followers and drive sales up.

And the last but not the least is Shopify 2.0 is two times faster than its previous versions. So, it’s high time you  upgrade your Shopify store to the 2.0 version and enjoy the stunning features with increased conversion possibilities.