Dolce Terra

Theme Setup and App Integration
Project Name: Theme Setup and App Integration

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Project Detail

DOLCETERRA is a treasure of Italian cuisine, the most distinctive representative of Mediterranean dietary heritage. We are proud to be a part of such a beautifully designed colorful store. 

Some of the significant features we have implemented for Dolceterra are below: 


Pop up Window:

You can show not only the offers to the visitors but also any important messages on the pop up window like Dolceterra.


Chat Support (email and whatsapp):

Instead of online chat, we have integrated email and whatsapp for customer support.


Sticky Menu:

You can access the Menu any time from any pages you are, it always sticks with you to give you the easy roaming through the pages.


Star Ratings or Review Score Badges Functionality: 

Star ratings on the collection page and product shop page is a great feature to use to build trust and drive more sales. Shopify allows you to add star ratings as a block in the main product section if you are using Online Store 2.0. 


Product Tagging:

It’s a wonderful feature to differentiate specific products with specific tags. It comes in handy when you want to tag products with special offers.


Multiple Currency:

You can add multiple currency options for your customers to purchase in any currency they prefer.


Review Counting:

Higher reviews obviously build trust around your brands. If you have a substantial number of reviews you can use Review Counter like we did in this store.


Checkout Popup and sticks:

Whenever you add a product to the cart, the checkout window will pop up on the lower part of the page so that you can checkout anytime, so you don’t have to go back to the cart option again to check out.


Product Filtering (Add additional product):

This filtering functionality is a must have feature especially when you are offering additional products like Gift boxes, accessories or spare parts with the main product.