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Shopify Theme Customization
Project Title: Shopify Theme Customization

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John Page Classic, an online store selling music instruments that we have finished setting up recently. We will discuss this ecommerce site from two perspectives, the first one is the Technical Perspective and the second one is the business perspective

If you are thinking of starting your own online business, Shopify is the best proven ecommerce platform offering all the preliminary facilities you need. We would like to cover the whole arrangements to start the business from these two perspectives.

Technical perspective describes the technical support you need to start your online business such as a website. On the other hand you need to concentrate on the features that an online store must have like user friendliness, mobile responsiveness, payment security and many others from the business perspective that we will be discussing later on.

Whenever you are up to starting an online store, you need to keep in mind some must have features to include to your store. And behind these every feature, there is a technical functionalities to develop for each feature. Shopify is rich enough with all the functionalities to satisfy all your feature needs. 

Must-have features of an online store can be a bit different from store to store depending on its product type and business policy. For John page classic store, the major features and functionalities we have set up are follows:

  • Header Image – A beautiful photograph.
  • Chat with us – Customer Support.
  • User Log in – Loyal Customers. – Customer data.
  • Instagram – Social Proof.
  • Reviews – from renowned publications.
  • Email Subscription – Newsletters and Offers.
  • Social Share Button in the product page.
  • Product scrolling feature in the product page.
  • Add to cart – View Cart. 

Header Image: High Resolution Images and Videos:

Once we used to use small image files with less resolutions to reduce the site loading time and make it faster. But the acceptance of high resolution photos has never been reduced.  Visitors always preferred better pictures and developers were working on the limitation of site speed. 

Now in shopify, you can use high resolution photos and videos affecting your site speed the little. John Page Classic used beautiful and high pixel pictures in the header image section that definitely reflected their standard which plays a great positive role in the first appearance of a visitor and influences them to visit more pages inside.

Chat Support: 24 x 7 Customer Support:

In the online market today, you must provide excellent customer support if you want to survive in the very competitive market. If customers don’t get answers to their questions when they call, email or message the company, they are less likely to come back, which means less return on investment for the retailer.

Visitors and customers might want to ask questions before taking their final decision to take actions. An instant reply to their queries has a great impact on conversion rate and is a great way to serve your customers better. Using chat support functionalities is always a great way to achieve loyal customers.

Shopify has facilitated its merchants with multiple options to use this feature like the one we have used for this store. In the right lower corner in the home page you will notice a chat support option that is definitely going to create a positive mindset of a visitor.

User Login Page: Make your customers loyal: 

The first step towards making any customer a loyal customer is to give them a chance to register and become a customer. Once a customer is registered they don’t need to put their customer details like shipping information, payment and other information each time they shop in your store. They just need to enter their login information in order to complete a transaction. They can even save the products they are willing to buy at a later time in the wish list.

A Shopify customer registration page is the first thing your customers see after hitting the Checkout button on your website or app, and it’s the first step they take on their way to becoming a customer. 

Many online stores use registration pages to create user accounts for each of their customers. These pages are very useful for companies to track how many customers are using their website, and also for marketing purposes.

Beside all of these customers’ information security is a very important thing to maintain. And ofcourse the store should disclose their customer data uses policy so that the customers can feel safe.

Custom Reviews: Proof of Loyalty:

There are countless reasons why customers are willing to go through the trouble of writing a review. It helps them to get the item they’ve bought at a lower price, it helps merchants to improve their product, and it helps consumers to make the best choice when purchasing an item.

So there is no option to compromise with a perfect review section on your shopify store. A poor review section can generate a lot of unhappy customers.

John Page Classic has added the review section in the menu which we don’t usually see. Obviously they wanted to emphasize the review section and there are strong reasons. Because these reviews did not come from ordinary users. They quoted the reviews as We take great pride in the reviews we’ve received from the leading editors, writers and publications in the industry.”

Social Sharing Options: Reliable Source of Marketing:

Social media has become the main marketing tool for online stores, and for good reason: it’s free to set up and free to use, and it gets you the visibility you need to capture web traffic.

With social sharing, you can be essentially paid to promote your website. In this website we have integrated social sharing options just below the product description. A product or services shared by a visitor or customer with his friend and family can have a very positive marketing effect which will obviously increase the traffic to your online store.

In fact, the features of an online store can not be limited within some features; only we can draw a better picture of it. It can vary from business to business depending on its type. New features can evolve based on business needs, customer experience and beyond.