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Project Title: Redvanly

Work Outline

Project Detail

The website of a large organization can also be very simple, Redvanly is a proof of that. We are proud to be a part of the Redvanly family, a premier athletic wear brand selling in over 500 shops across the USA as well as selling online all over the world.  

We have used a basic theme and customized it for Redvanly as per their requirement. But one thing is to notice which is very important is that they had plans to use high resolution images and at the same time they wanted their website not to be slow for this high quality images loading issue. 

Why are these large image files important? Well, as we have already told you that the store is about athletic wear, and while purchasing online, a common psychology is that people want to see, feel and be certain that they are not choosing the wrong products for the price they are paying. So in the case of the garment or apparel industry it is important to use a high quality image so that customers can see the fabric quality, design, its knitting, finishing and feel the comfort as well as the authenticity of the product.

Beside fulfilling the customer’s demand about the product knowledge, it is important to maintain the site loading time. If it takes longer to load the pages, it is embarrassing for the customer’s experience as well as bad for site ranking. We had to think about both the issues.

In this context, we decided to keep the store design simpler. Even we skipped using the mega menu feature to save the page loading time.

If we see through the Homepage of Ravenly, we will see only two sections in there except Header and Footer. First, a category section that summarizes what the store is offering. You can easily select your desired category and browse the products according to your choice and purchase online.

After choosing the category there is a Product Filter Functionality by which one can easily filter the products based on color, size and style. Product variant functionality is a very important feature that an online store must have for the relevant products.

The second is a store locator section so that customers can visit the stores near them physically if they want to.  

Stockist Store Locator App Integration:

Shopify has a very rich app store to meet all the requirements a perfect online store needs and shopify developers are continuously working to make it richer. Store Locator apps are one of the great creations of the team. There are several options with different eye catching, easy to manage and user friendly interface store locator apps you can choose among.

The app we used here in the Homepage of Ravenly is one of the best stockist store locator maps in the app store. It comes with a simple dashboard that makes it easy to maintain. You can simply upload a spreadsheet with your store location data, change colors as per your choice, have translation facilities to suit your language and more.

For Ravenly there are three parts, a location search option, a list of store locations and the location map. 

In the search box, you can easily search if there is any store near you. The API will look for the store among the list uploaded based on your IP address and at the same time it will show the location on the map so that you can find the store convenient for you.   

Product Page:

Ravenly has a well organized Product Page with options to select size and color. There are multiple images of high pixel resolution of the selected color. The images are so good that you will be able to see even the knitting shape and can feel the fabric quality almost. 

And Ravenly team has put the size wise measurement so that customers can decide which size is perfect for them. And there are care instructions to follow for each item as per its fabric construction. 

After deciding which one to buy, there is Cart Drawer Functionality so that you can save your chosen product in the cart  and continue shopping without checkout each time.

Right below the product related information you will find Similar Product suggestions if you want to add other similar products in your cart. 

Review Section:

At the lower part of the product page there is a review section. You can go through the reviews from the previous customers which will help you to decide whether to buy the product or not. Or you can write your own review about the product so that the next customer can benefit from that.

Slider Creation:

In the Header section there is an Image slider which is obviously manual so that visitors can go through the sliding images as they will. And needless to say that using an auto slider kills some of the site loading time. 

And there is a topbar included over the menu bar showing “free shipping to and from” which will definitely attract the visitors at first sight and persuade them to purchase something even if they did not have any plan. 

FAQ and Policy Declaration:

In the Footer Section there is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) part where store visitors and customers can find all the answers they might need. 

And like every business should be concerned about, there are another two options called Return policy and Privacy policy.

A store policy on return of goods is really important. As a seller, you wish your customers to be happy with your products. But if they’re not, you might want to solve the problem in the shortest possible time and get them back to loving the product. The question is, what actions will you take when a customer wants to return an item? How will you deal with it? If you don’t positively, you could lose a customer forever, and you may even lose a sale. So, how are you going to respond when a customer returns a product?

You need it to make the customers feel comfortable while buying your products. It also makes the store owners feel comfortable while doing business.

There are so many things to remember when it comes to the privacy of your customers’ data. Your customers have rights to know what’s happening with their personal data, whether you’re collecting it or not, how are you going to use the collected data?  Confirm that your customers are informed of any privacy policies that apply to their transactions, and that they are conscious of how the information is being used.

These are some of the major concerns that a successful online store should consider.  We will cover all the other things to take care while setting up an online store in another article. Keep in touch by fulfilling our email subscription form.