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Project Name: Shopify Theme Customization

Work Outline

Project Detail

Pass the Watch has been in the business of selling designer watches and accessories for over 10 years, having over 10000 plus reviews on ebay.

We take pride in developing a stunning store for them built on Shopify 2.0 that includes all the features to take their business to the next level.

Our expert developer team has implemented those features needed to give a pleasant shopping experience to the customers. 

Below are the glimpse of the features and functionalities we have implemented:


Online Store 2.0:

Shopify Online Store 2.0 introduces a whole new way that allows us to use sections on every page. That means we can customize any page exactly as we want. It allows the product page to be more dynamic and gives the customers a whole new experience.


Mega Menu: 

The Mega Menu comes with a lot of design customization that allows you to design the menu of your own choice and demand.


Product Filtering Options:

There is a product filtering functionalities in the Collection Page so that customers can filter their search for products which obviously add value.


Product Tagging Feature:

Using this feature you can tag any product or all the products of a category you want. For example, you can tag products that are on sale.


Wish List:

You can add products to the wish list which are not in stock at the moment and buy at a later time when available.


Checkout Pop Up Window:

Whenever you add a product to your cart, a Checkout Window will pop up so that you don’t need to go back to the cart option to checkout. Or you can simply close the window by clicking anywhere but the pop up window to continue shopping. 

Tabs in the Product Page:

It’s an utilization of Shopify 2.0 facilities that helps to customize the product page in a more organized, informative and more user friendly way. 


Instagram Integration:

We have integrated an Instagram Account that will work as a social proof and helps trigger the conversions.


Search The Store:

You can search the store for the products you want.


Recently Viewed Products:

There is a section in the product page including the products you have viewed recently so that you can move to products you visited earlier easily.



We made it easy to leave your comments regarding the products so that we can learn from your opinions and the next customers can benefit from your experience as well as.