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Ultimate Shopify Site Ranking Factors for 2022

Ultimate Shopify Site Ranking Factors

We have laid out a noob friendly and step by step Shopify SEO guideline that significantly drives up Google traffic of your website along with the sales volume

Basic Steps:

  • Shopify Keyword Research
  • Shopify Website Architecture
  • On-Page SEO for Shopify Sites
  • Technical SEO for Shopify
  • Content Marketing for Shopify Sites
  • Shopify Link Building

Keyword Research for Shopify Sites:

Shopify SEO too commences with keyword research as it is a fundamental step for any SEO campaign. Your campaign is likely to lose focus and it will go literally blind unless you do your fair share of keyword analysis. Here lies a vital question. How should you perform keyword research for Shopify websites? You can do it in a straightforward method. Get all your site pages listed. Then trace and strategize relevant keywords to each page.

You can take help with this tools:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Amazon Keyword Typing
  3. Google Keyword Suggestion
  4. Aherf Keyword Explorer
  5. Keyword Finder

Shopify Website Architecture:

Your website’s page organization or arrangement or so called, site architecture bears tremendous SEO value. The significance multiplies when it comes to a Shopify site. As a Shopify website contains a staggering number of pages in comparison to a blog website, its importance becomes more telling. So, site architecture makes sure that both the users and the search engine traces out all the relevant pages. Ease of use puts your site ahead of your competitors.

You have bear two inevitable rules in mind while constructing a Shopify site’s structure.

  • Rule 1: keep your site simple and easily accessible
  • Rule 2: none of the pages should be more than three clicks away from the homepage

On-Page SEO for Shopify Sites:

By this time, you have discovered the keywords which are going to be the centrepieces of each page. You can start optimizing your pages around those keywords. 

  • Insert your primary keyword
  • Straighten up a few long tail and appropriate keywords
  • Do not forget to use the action words such as click, buy, sale, learn, free, etc
  • Include the USP such as next day delivery, free shipping, free returns, etc
  • Place all the way compelling CTR

Technical SEO for Shopify:

Technical SEO is of outstanding importance for just any site on the internet. However for a Shopify website, its vitality cannot be overstated in any way as Shopify websites bring in a gigantic number of pages. These pages will introduce novel technical SEO challenges along your path. There are obvious shortages of backlinks for a Shopify page as well. So, technical SEO solutions will determine who reaches the coveted first page on Google. In fact, if you are running toe to toe with your competitor, both of your positions will be measured on the basis of technical SEO issues.

Site speed optimization:

Slow loading inevitably gets penalized by Google. You have to do everything in your power to substantially increase your website loading speed. You may adopt a few pinpoint policies mentioned below.

  • Redundant Shopify apps can slow down your Shopify website with third party scripts. A lot of widgets, features and apps can have a negative impact on the website.
  • Frequently check the apps so that you can identify the unnecessary ones and remove those from time to time.
  • Photo compression really works. You can use websites such, or apps such as minifier for compressing the photos. Shopify stores contain a huge number of photos. These are the biggest threat to your site loading speed. Take assistance from photoshop or other image editing softwares. In essence, we do not want images beyond 150kb. On top of that 1500px image dimension will do the trick on the longest edge.

Content Marketing for Shopify Sites:

Content marketing inspires a huge chunk of traffic towards your website which usually translates into more sales. So, how are you going to implement content in order to achieve higher rankings together with sizeable traffic channeled to your Shopify site?

Shopify Link Building:

Here, you are going to be introduced with several Shopify link building case studies. In the first instance, you will see the infallible linking techniques offered by Chris that he has used on his Shopify product pages barring any content. Then, you get to know the ideas of Mike in this respect. His ingenious strategies boosted his Shopify website’s organic traffic by as much as 2272%.

Add Schema Markup:

Schema markup could be a real game changer for a Shopify website. It can inflate your CTR up to 30% as it provides some relevant initial information to the visitors alluring them to click into the page. It is an attractive method of illustration to your audience. As a result, it can fundamentally increase your traffic growth resulting in higher sales volume. Google identifies the content of a page using schema markup. It clarifies the status of a page whether it is a blog post, category page, product page, or else. It can be highly effective for any Shopify website. Not to forget in some cases, schema markup could prove to be complex too.

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