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5 Trendiest WordPress Affiliate Marketing Themes in 2022

Affiliate marketing is a unique platform where you can promote your products for online sales. Bloggers and internet marketers, who have been working in online marketing, are familiar with affiliate marketing. Actually, it is the most remunerative way to earn money online.

For online marketing, you have to open up a website and most importantly, you have to select the best theme for the website. This could be spelled as a very important part for an affiliate marketer as the theme is going to represent your product with its best and worst reviews to your consumer. I am introducing you with some of the best WordPress affiliate marketing themes.


Splash is one of the fastest and most accessible themes. This is super powerful and quite flexible. Splash gives you 8 unique homepage designs with multiple layout options. It offers you a rating feature that allows your users to rate your site. You also receive your product feedback in this manner and multiply your audience by the way. We often have to face some unnecessary scrolling in many websites that we visit. But in this theme you do not need to experience any such problem. So this theme will surely be the perfect choice for your website as an affiliate marketer.


Blrub is an amazing WordPress affiliate marketing theme. Its wonderful features immensely contribute to turning this theme into a success story for the affiliate marketers. Price comparison, multivendor store and product reviews make Blurb very much wanted. You will enjoy 30+ fully decorated HTML files and 4 homepage designs with different layouts in this theme. Blurb also offers 8 blog pages, customer review pages and awesome product review page which will make an amazingly interactive website for your customers. This theme is highly advanced and flexible. Blurb is especially designed for affiliate based products. This theme easily fits on your tablets and mobiles so that you will be able to control your website from just anywhere.


This is a special theme for event based affiliate marketing. Nowadays, event blog and marketing are big trends in the world of online marketing. Before an event, many bloggers tend to create blog pages dedicated to that event and they offer different kinds of offers and deals here to increase their visitors and customers. If you want to promote such an event in your blog then Couponize must be the perfect choice. This theme will give you a clean and modern interface. Couponize is another updated theme for affiliate marketers.


Rehub is for those marketers who are selecting a niche which is primarily based on mobile or laptop review. It has a sound design in addition to clean and responsive features. Affiliate marketers who are promoting Amazon related products will benefit the most out of Rehub. You can easily promote an Amazon niche based on electronic device using this theme.


Expert means perfection. To an affiliate marketer, expert means a theme which will help Promote their business and services. Its colour contrast feature creates a strong impression on your visitors. We all know by heart that an effective affiliate marketing strategy is to win trust and popularity from the customers or visitors. A truly customizable theme gives you free rein in making any changes that you want to. So, Expert WordPress theme will make you an expert affiliate marketer.

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Richard Gomez

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I think this really puts things into a different light. I mean, I have read about this stuff before but the way you write just makes it clearer, if that makes sense

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